Flowers, Colours and meanings

Yes, flowers are all beautiful. We all have different taste in flowers. But have you ever thought about the meaning of a flower or a colour? For me it required an embarrassing moment in my life to learn that: yes, they all have meanings.

In my ignorance  (or should we just called it innocence) in my late teens, I met this one boy that I fell in love with and so after dating for a month or so I wanted to give him something symbolic. Of course, I decided to give him a rose and personally deliver it to his home. Went to the flower shop and bought 1 stem of rose. I thought I would get him something different than the typical red rose. So I went and bought him a white rose. So pure and beautiful. 

I was in shock when he called me to ask me why I was breaking up with him. To make a long story short, he explained to me that a white rose symbolizes friendship. So there you go. Colours do matter, apparently.

Since then, I do a little research before giving away flowers to anyone or making an arrangement when hosting a dinner party.

We partnered with a flower expert in LA to bring you the meaning behind some of your favourite flowers.

You want more? Look at the next chart.

What about the meaning of colours? Well, you will also be shocked by a few.

Hopefully this helps a little.